JP modular trigger with ambi safety
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Back and better than ever, the JPFC-M combines the unrivaled quality of a JP trigger with the convenience of a module. This fire control module is a drop-in trigger solution for any AR-type rifle. With multiple easy-to-change trigger styles and colors, the JPFC-M is the right trigger for every shooter and every build.

Each JPFC-M unit includes:

  1. Pre-assembled fire control unit
  2. Reversible ambidextrous safety selector with color-matched levers
  3. JP Oversized Anti-Walk Pins
  4. Alternate hammer spring for both competition or duty applications


  1. Custom shop quality JP trigger job
  2. Quick, easy drop-in installation
  3. Wire-cut components for a super-precise parts relationship
  4. Eliminated need for adjustment screws
  5. Easily changeable trigger styles and colors to suit shooter preference
  6. Included ambi safety features swappable levers color-matched to the trigger
  7. Unique safety drum design ensures perfect safety function
  8. Included JP Anti-Walk Pins remove all slop movement of fire control components for solid, reliable function
  9. Easily interchangeable trigger shoes
  10. Alternate hammer spring for adjustable pull weight
  11. Stainless steel housing


The JPFC-M should not be used in polymer receivers.

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