Taylor Freelance extended basepad Glock 41+1 - Blue w/spring

RIDICULOUS CAPACITY! Add our extension kit to your Glock 31/33-round magazine and transform it into a giggle-worthy 41+1 round BIG stick. This is the same extension as our well-known 170mm +12 but it ships with a crazy-long machine-pistol spring. Normally we use Delrin for Glock mags, but we did these up in a beautiful red-anodized aluminum. By default we'll send you the 9mm kit, but if you're using a .40, tell us! We can substitute in .40 parts that you can use on a 22-round .40 mag, achieving 30+1! (The 9mm and .40 extensions are different, so be sure to tell us whether you're shooting 9mm or .40/.357 Sig.) Magazine body not included. Due to U.S. State Department restrictions, we cannot ship this part internationally.


NOTE: Because of a combination of factors, we build our basepads slightly "short" for best reliability. As a result, they will run properly with ammunition loaded to 1.125" overall or less. That's a typical length for 115- and 124-grain loads, but some (notably, Winchester 115 RN) will go out all the way to 1.160".  HINT: If your extension will take 35 rounds and then becomes unreliable (or sticks), check the length of your ammunition! 

Word geleverd met extra lange veer 

Let op ! deze is bedoeld voor een lang Glock magazijn ,deze dient apart aangeschaft te worden !