GRS WARG Chassis for Tikka T1 X
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GRS Warg

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The GRS Warg is a stock made for the long-range shooter - the shooters who use front-mounted Night Vision / thermal imaging equipment or top-mounted bipods. 

GRS Warg has our ergonomic grip with an angle of six percent, so your hand is in its best natural state. And of course, our unique SpeedLock 2.0 system that makes it easier to adjust the length and height of the stock, and, importantly, to resist recoil from the heaviest calibers. The "AR" style fore-end is made for the M Lok mounting system on accessories such as Picatinny rails, sling studs, flush cups and so on. We have all of these accessories available (sold separately).

GRS Warg is available in the same inlets and colors as the Bifrost.

GRS Warg is perfect for the hardcore long-range shooter.

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