Nord Arms AR15 match trigger Gen 2
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New from Nord Arms the new and innovating company from Estonia for shooters by shooters.

This company is currently a supplier for some of their products to the Millitary so their well proven ,other products they make are for the dynamic rifle shooters with only the best components and designed and made by some of the best IPSC shooters from Estonia.

This trigger is an extremely good example on how to make a good product for a decent price.

Kant en klare drop in unit single stage trekker

Gen 2 match grade trigger with oversize pins. Trigger pull adjustable 1,5-3 lbs

drop in trigger system, light weight hammer and no-walk pin included ,154"

Most parts are titanium


see review ;-)

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LET OP ! de kast van een S&W MP15-22 is dikker als die van een mill spec AR15 ,aangezien deze trekker op zijn plek blijft zitten door de meegeleverde pinnen die je met schroefjes vast zet gaat dit niet passen met de S&W MP 15-22

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