JP-AR Reduced Power Spring Kit

Een goede oplossing van JP Enterprises om op een makkelijke manier toch een goede AR 15 trekker te krijgen met de originele trekkergroep


Gives A Smooth, Light Trigger Pull


Reduced-power springs provide a 3.5 pound trigger pull when used with J.P. triggers, and a pull of 4.5 to 5 pounds when used with standard trigger components. Includes hammer spring, trigger return spring, and disconnector spring. Installation instructions also explain engagement surface polishing to obtain a smooth, reliable trigger.

This spring setup will give good ignition reliability with domestically manufactured ammunition and properly seated primers. Do not use foreign-manufactured ammunition because the primers in such ammo are often extremely hard and will give poor ignition with this spring kit. These springs are designed for recreational use ONLY and should NOT be installed in a Duty or Home Defense firearm where reliability is foremost.

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