Hiperfire - Hipertouch 24 3gun Trigger - HPT243G

The HIPERTOUCH 24 3Gun, or 24 3G, is similar to the 24C, but with a curved trigger bow instead of straight, for installation in AR-15 and AR-10 type rifles

HIPERTOUCH FCGs have uniquely solved two problems with stock AR triggers and AR trigger upgrades respectively: 1) High Trigger Weight, and 2) Low Hammer Fall Energy. Trigger Weight: The real culprit behind high trigger pull weight is high sear impingement force that produces high friction. To get around that, the stock "AR" trigger and hammer mechanical advantage was changed and the toggle spring feature added to reduce the impingement force on the trigger sear. Designers of two-stage products changed the functional location of the primary sear; HIPERFIRE's design has not, retaining the stock design's single-stage simplicity. This is important for when stock triggers are pulled, the hammer cam-action signals hammer fall is imminent. When 2-stage triggers are pulled, the final higher weight stage also signals hammer fall. This can lead to the flinching problem we all know about. Some like to say the better 2-stage triggers have glass rod or candy-cane like breaks to sell the idea that they don't signal hammer fall. In any case, the HIPERTOUCH 24E does not signal hammer fall because the trigger weight is constant over the entire stroke. Hammer Fall Energy: HIPERTOUCH features the unique toggle spring functionality that reduces trigger weight, but while doing so, it also increases hammer fall energy by over 35% over the MIL-spec stock design and every trigger upgrade in the market. This permits the shooter to ignite hard MIL and foreign primers as well as hard to ignite 22 rimfire ammunition

- At-The-Wall Break Before/After Reset, i.e. Virtually Zero Creep Feel
- Pulls the Same No Matter the Manner of Let-Off
- For 3*Gun, DMR, LE/SWAT
- Very Fast, Consistent, Controllable Repeat Fire

- Drop-In "AR10" and "AR15" Fire-Control
- High Performance, Service Rifle, Trigger Upgrade
- Same Creep as MIL-spec stock FCG (it can feel like much more because the pull weight is light and so smooth)
- Best-In-Class High Energy Hammer Fall
- 3 User-Adjustable Trigger Weights of 2-4#, Light, Medium-Light, Medium
- ANSI/SAAMI & ITOP (Commercial & MIL) Drop Test Compliant
- Single Stage, Semi-Auto
- For Standard Lower Receivers Using Small Pins of 0.154-inch Diameter
- Uses Stock "AR" Trigger and Semiautomatic Disconnector Springs
- Uses Proprietary Trigger Hammer and Disconnector Parts
- Uses a Proprietary Toggle-Over-Center Spring System
- Smooth/Short Pre-Travel (aka Creep) Like Stock FCGs
- Shorter Travel to Break from Moment of Reset
- Clean Break
- Best-In-Class Fast/Positive Reset
- 25% to 50% Faster Hammer Lock-Up 
- Heat-Treated Alloy Steels
- Installs without Removal of the Safety Selector 
- Installs without Modification to the Lower Receiver
- No Screws or Stops to Come Loose
- US Pat. No. 8,572,880, Others Pending
- Made Entirely in the USA by Americans

Additional Info
- SKU: HPT243G


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