Superhandig schoonmaaksetje voor de AR15/M16 ,hiermee maak je schoon op plekken waar je anders nooit goed bij kunt komen (daar waar je nokken in de loop sluiten). Goed schoonhouden van deze plekken betekent ook minder snel storingen !

Scrubs Lug Recesses Clean For Secure Bolt Lockup & Reliable Cycling

Easy-to-use cleaning tool
This one of a kind tool is used to clean the lug recess area on the AR-15 and AR-10 rifles.
The lug recess area collects a lot of grease and debris and needs to be cleaned regularly.
This tool compresses a cotton roll and then releases it so you can rotate it inside the lug recess area.
Should be used wet with solvent, then followed up with a dry roll.
One bag of cotton rolls, about 50, is included with each tool.

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